What is IM Rowing?

You don't need an Ivy League education or a snooty accent to enjoy our OptIMize rowing program. What's more, rowing is a great, low impact alternative to other forms of cardio. Rowing gives you a chance to get your heart rate up, use your whole body, and get fitter in the process.

At Crossfit OptIMize, we use the Concept 2 rower, the gold standard rowing ergometer (not a snooty word, we promise!). We know the rower can look a little intimidating at first, like a medieval torture device. But it's perfectly safe, and ruthlessly effective for interval training, fat loss, and recovery work from heavy squat day. Through our OptIMize rowing program, you'll learn efficient technique for getting the most work done for every stroke. You'll be amazed at what consistent rowing will do for your body and your mind!

Get your row on!