What is IM Massage?

If you've never experienced a massage, you need to click here right now and stop reading this paragraph. Are you still reading? Seriously, even if you have had a massage, stop reading and go back and click to sign-up! Massages are awesome, and our in house masseuse will take excellent care of you.

Whether you need a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, or a sports massage, we can get you feeling like your new self again (because who wants to feel like their old self?). Perhaps you've seen some of our USA Olympians with those weird red circles all over their bodies? Those marks are cupping marks, where a massage therapist has worked his or her magic to help the athlete work through muscle soreness and tissue stiffness. Those are just a few of the benefits massage brings to the table.

Do you have nagging injuries, a persistent stiffness, or a knot that just won't go away? You don't need some "as seen on tv" device, you need our real live massage team to knead you. Let our community of magic fingers come to your rescue!

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