What is the Foundations Course?

Sometimes starting a fitness journey can be intimidating. You arrive at the gym and there are all these people who seem like they were born there. You can't even understand half of the words they utter. Some shouts to his buddy, “Hey man, today's WOD was awesome! I totally PR'd Grace!” What does that even mean? “Yeah,” his buddy says, “I set a new max split jerk at one and a quarter bodyweight, and I got my first strict bar muscle-up!” So it sounds like something good happened, but you have no idea what.

DON'T WORRY! Here's a secret, everyone started as a beginner. EVERYONE! Hafthor Bjornsson (aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones)? Yup. Simone Biles? Her too. What about the guy curling in the squat rack? He's still a beginner, but we can help him.

At Crossfit OptIMize, everyone goes through our special Foundations Program. Our Foundations Program consists of two 90 minute sessions where 2-4 new folks walk through all the basic ins and outs with a member of our awesome Foundations team. Your Foundations Coach will share different movements, progressions, terms, and skills that you'll be working on in our group classes. Will you learn everything there is to learn about Crossfit in those two 90 minute sessions. Unfortunately no, there's still a ton to learn. But the cool part about the Crossfit OptIMize family is that we are all learning it together every single day. Have a question? Ask! Not sure about a movement? Tell us! Need some advise for scaling? We are here to help, and not just your coaches. Our members are wells of knowledge and life experience about Crossfit's movements and method because they have been there.

We're ready for you!