What is IM Bootcamp ?

You've heard the term “bootcamp” bandied about, but you've never really been sure it's for you. What is a bootcamp? Do I have to wear fatigues? Is someone going to be yelling at me the whole time? No and No... at least not when it comes to Columbia's best bootcamp – IM Bootcamp.

Our bootcamp class specifically focuses on fast-paced, high-energy body weight movements so that literally anyone with enough motivation can jump in, get their sweat on, and get a great work out. We don't waste time in our gym with machines and Instagram selfies. Instead, our high energy coaches will be with you the entire way instructing on proper form and technique for each movement and encouraging you on your journey to a fitter you. While you're being coached up, the comradery of our group fitness classes will motivate you to push for that extra rep or that burst of speed to finish.

In as little as just a few weeks, your hard work will give you the results you're looking for – ditching the love handles, smashing the muffin top, trimming down and toning up. It's become a cliché, but strong IS the new sexy, and our IM Bootcamp class boasts some of the mentally and physically strongest folks around.

Come check it out!