What is IM Comp?

Greg Glassman, Founder and CEO of Crossfit, said, "Men will die for points." What he's saying is that deep within us is a drive to compete, to be better than we were yesterday, and better than the person on either side of us. Well, at Crossfit OptIMize, our gym boasts a competitive fitness track that will push you to the limits of your genetic potential.

Our wizard programmer, Carl Hardwick, carefully maps out the goals and strategies for athletes looking to compete at a local, regional, and even national level. As a fully credentialed OPEX trainer with a BS in exercise science, Carl is the man with the plan to turn you into a monster. Don't get us wrong, this programming takes commitment – no one goes couch to Crossfit Games in a week. But, if you put in the effort, show up and show out everyday, you will amaze yourself with exponential improvement in your physical prowess and your mental toughness.

This is not for the faint of heart, and there are no participation trophies. The rewards are achieving the goals you've set and smashing through barriers you previously though impenetrable. Our OptIMize Competitor Programming is basically legal steroids for your programming, and you'll be an optimized human being for it!

Embrace the suck with us!