What is IM Barbell?

Two of the most complex movements we do in CrossFit are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Watching a highly-skilled Olympic Weightlifter perform is like watching ballet with a barbell. They move with a grace and fluidity we would not normally associate with 300+ pound men. Yet those same men will snatch 400+ pounds, and clean & jerk upwards of 500 pounds. Such proficiency and skill is truly an impressive feat to behold.

But even Olympians started somewhere, and our OptIMize Barbell program will teach you proper mechanics and positioning to improve both your strength and technique in the Olympic lifts. Each weightlifting cycle will include strength work, positioning drills, technique refinement, and small group coaching to sharpen your skills as a weightlifter. Lifting heavy weights can be intimidating, but as you become comfortable lifting heavy weights, you will see your overall strength and fitness improve and your confidence in your capabilities sky rocket. Our coaching staff has competed at multiple weightlifting meets, and one of our coaches will be competing at the 2017 weightlifting nationals in Chicago!

Whether you have been lifting for years or you are just starting out, the OptIMize Barbell Crew would love to have you!